Hello, hello, hello,
It’s  Wednesday and I am here with a new blog post.

But story for the start, about a year ago me, Daniel, Eva and 2 other girls went to a one-day-long road trip which we ended up on the hill with a beautiful view and how it goes we had an amazing time while talking, drinking, eating and listening to music…. And then I heard a song which I immediately felt in love with and even tho I didn’t even know who they are, or how is the song called I knew that one day I’ll see this amazing band playing that magical song live.  And because Daniela, Eva and I are soul mates we felt it the same way.

When few months later the band called THE HUNNA announced a tour across UK we knew we are going to make another dream come true, we bought tickets to Cambridge and all we had to do was waiting.

I went to school on Tuesday morning but I couldn’t concentrate at all. The fact I was about to see my friends and then day after the band which bring another amazing chapter to my life was killing all of my thoughts for school, but I did it! Few hours later I was on my way to Brno, I have a terrible story from hallways, long story short, I had like 1.45h to catch mi flight from the time we stuck on one place on the way to airport… I came to the gate when they started closing it. I was so relieved that I started crying when I sat down to plane and cried all the way to Stansted.

We spent a night in Cambridge walking around beautiful buildings and around 2 am we ended camping in front of Junction (the building where the concert was taking place)

The waiting was horrible, as always and we promise each other that we are never going to do this again, of course, as always. ( Of course we will)

When the sun raised a lot of people were asking us if we are homeless and like 5 people bring us well needed coffee. The day was brighter and it started to be fun.

We saw all the boys around 2 pm just walking around us but we didn’t want to bothered them so we just stupidly sat and watch them.

The concert itself was AMAZING. We had the first row, supporters were brilliant and I thought it can’t be better, but then Tino started talking about US!! And he took Slovak flag to the stage (even tho I am Czech I was so proud!!) I couldn’t believe the night was real and when Daniel took my Czech flag with the sign ‘’THE WORLD IS OURS TONIGHT’’ and stood proudly on stage it was the biggest goal but than this happened…..img_7861img_7866img_7870
I can’t believe that this night was real and all waiting and trouble were worth it.

I just want to say, do everything what can make your life brighter. Go for all yours dream and make the best of it!

Don’t forget to live,


P.S. I’ll be somewhere in Mallorca for the next 8 days so I am sorry in advance that there will be next post on Friday next week.



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