Not so solo traveling!//Mallorca pt4


the last post from Mallorca is finally here! Have fun and feel free to tell my about your experiences.


When I woke up first thing I could’t believe the pain of my sunburned shoulders and the second thing I couldn’t believe was the amount of men in my room and yeah there is the third thing – THE VIEW! When I saw the view a forgot about the pain and another people in a room, took a towel and went to the shower where I stayed for more than 15 minutes. IT WAS AMAZING.


I felt truly amazing but hadn’t any plans before my mums gift, aka 2 night in hotel. So I went visit my favorite app – couch surfing and found a girl who is also in Mallorca and looking for someone to dance on the beach, I texted her and this is how I found one of the best travel company you could ever dream of!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We decided to stay in same hostel in Magaluf because I have a hotel booked there so we didn’t have to move again.
Yeah, what more I could say? Windy introduced me to Juan who took us to this amazing spot and I had the best time ever and then also the best lasagna ever with the most amazing company, haha. I think you can imagine how thankful I am for this day.
You can see a cave on. the picture above – it is not made my nature bad by humans few centuries back. They needed a stone for the cathedral in Palma so they took a stone from a rock.



Yeah with Windy came a lot of fun and new friendships I hope for life. But when we came to Magaluf my travels pretty much ended and I started to enjoying well needed holiday.
I will tell you just one thing abut my time in Magaluf, because I think you can imagine how I spent my holiday ( laying, swimming, eating and laughing all day).


There was a rock with few cliffs and when I saw it the first thing I wanted to do was jump down from the highest one and of course it took me maybe 40 minutes to realize I wont jump. I started with the smaller ones and after a while I’ve got used to it I went to higher and higher and after the whole day and half I jumped from the highest one.

That day I realized it’s not just the cliffs but it’s how life goes. Just use the stairs if you want to go to the top but even the smallest step has to be done with joy and NADŠENÍ.

Don’t forget to live,



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